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Paula C. Deckard - eBook Distribution

Ellen Parker is a junior heart surgeon living in New York. The city is her hideout, the hospital is her life, and her patients her unwitting guinea pigs. While Ellen hungers to discover the intimate secrets of the human body, both on the operating table and in her sexual odyssey, her knowledge of herself and her own desires remains just out of reach. As the novel explores those secrets in ever more nightmarish ways, it becomes clear that the tension between Ellen's demanding career...

5 Ways Accounting Firm Owners Can Reduce Overhead/Save Time In Their Business

If a business wants to save money, it invests in an accountant to evaluate cost-effective solutions. But what can an accounting firm do to optimise its time and reduce overhead? Like any other business, accounting firm owners want to keep workflow optimal for their accountants. Advanced technology provides a myriad of possibilities, making overhead-saving a business trend for firms of any size.

My Self-Publishing Journey – 5 Tips on How to Make It Work

Aren’t you tired of taking the traditional route of querying literary agents? Sadly, that publishing world has changed. It’s now riskier for big publishers to sign emerging authors with no bestselling background. This leads them to favour republishing bestsellers from over twenty years ago. Seeking a traditional publisher to publish your work is like seeking your soulmate, except that it would be a business relationship where profit determines the length of it.

My conversation with Ho Li-Fuk

October 2013: I had two things in mind at VPL this afternoon, which was to continue working on the short story and also finish reading The mind of Mr. Soames. Since the short story wasn’t coming along too well, I decided to read the last 50 pages of the novel and took a seat in a communal area on level 3. Halfway through the last pages, I noticed a Chinese coming towards me saying that he’d been watching me for a while. He must have been in his mid-fifties judging by his receding hairline, the